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Liiqu hybrid application


Liiqu is the social network for team sport fans.

Build as combination of html5 and Android native user interface (hybrid approach) to save effort when porting to other platforms, while maintaining good enough application responsiveness.

Application heavily uses REST APIs. Match information, as well as relevant pictures, are downloaded periodically, so that user doesn't have to refresh data every time he glances at the application.

Android app on Google Play

Plango prototype


Porting mobile application from iOS to Android.

Main challenge was to replicate interface of iOS application. Goal was accomplished using already build iOS app as a spec. As a result, I build a few custom UI controls and become familiar with existing open source components.

"Maksim is a hard working, disciplined, and entrepreneurial developer who gets the job done.. More than happy to work with Maksim also in the future."
Petri Säkkinen, Plango CEO.


AntsLab HealthKiosk


Diabetes log book automating glucose level monitoring.

Application connects to a few off-the-shelf glucose sensors through Bluetooth and downloads data through proprietary protocols. If needed, user can manually enter glucose or insulin values using convinient carousel. Application calculates statistics and displays daily, monthly and weekly graphs.

"I would be happy to work with Claudio M. Camacho and Maksim Golivkin again."
Reference provided upon request.




Lessons learned from AntsLab

Dedication and persistence are the few words that I keep coming back to. Starting from a problem and not the technology; the CEO has to do marketing and sales – these all are good heuristics, which may work for many, and still be irrelevant for others. However, most importantly, when building the company, dedication of the team members and their persistence is of utmost importance.

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Does your fridge speak iOS or Android?

iOS may be shipped on increasingly popular phones and tablets, but, the game may soon shift to other appliances.

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Burning Man: thoughts before going

People escape from modern society, because they are missing something. Most common places to escape are crazy raves, parties with alco and drugs. However, we also often seek revelations in abandoned industrial spaces, on cliff slopes or in the strangest places of the earth — new experiences and challenges help us to feel alive again.

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I am seeking for Mobile engineer position in San Francisco or New York (on J1 visa). Ideal position would be an early stage startup with a team of under 30 people.

At the same time, contact me for freelance projects. I love working both on implementation and on concept/prototypes level, so if you need assistance on technology assesment, wire-frames, requirement specification or just coding let me know.
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